10 Questions to Ask Your Team Before Designing a Custom Trade Show Booth

When you make the decision to create a custom trade show booth design, there’s a lot to consider. But before you get too far in the creative process, have you brought key members of your team together to get aligned and discuss trade show booth ideas? There can be a lot of value in gathering your sales, marketing, and customer service teams (or a few representatives from each department), to get clear about the goals and purposes for your next trade show.  

Here are 10 questions to get the conversation started down a productive path.

1. What is our purpose?

Not all trade shows in which you exhibit are going to yield the same results. Discuss with your team why this next one is useful to your company, based on your organization’s goals, and what sort of results you’re hoping to achieve. If you have several trade shows on your radar, discuss the purpose of each one. 

2.What message do we want the new booth to get across? 

Next, talk about the specific audience you’re targeting at your next show. Are you wanting to push a new product or service to this group? Increase your credibility? Expand general awareness? Depending on what your goals are, your messaging can take a variety of shapes. 

3. How much flexibility in design will we need over the years?

If you have a big budget and can afford to have multiple exhibit booth designs you can pull from for each show, you can make each one very targeted. But if you’re working with limited resources, or simply want to be as efficient as possible, your design should have a core theme that can work for a variety of trade shows. Then, aim to create it with the flexibility of adding or removing particular messages as needed. Another technique is to have double-sided graphics. These allow you to have two messages in one exhibit booth, making your display much for flexible.

4. Will we be conducting product demonstrations?

Product demos often require their own particular staging, so it’s important to know ahead of time whether your booth space will need to accommodate this at some point. If you’re unsure how to set up a booth design for product demonstrations, contact custom trade show booth manufacturers like us for helpful tips. 

5. Do we need TV monitors to showcase videos?

Videos can be a great way to switch up your messaging for a trade show without having to change the actual custom trade show booth design. Ask your marketing team if they can help you create trade show-specific videos, and be sure to leave space for TV monitors in your booth design so you have a way to play the videos. 

6. What’s our budget?

Of course, your entire team should discuss how much each department is able to budget toward the custom trade show booth. Depending on your available resources, you can either go big with your trade show booth ideas or may need to get a little scrappier in the execution to stretch your dollars. This is a great opportunity to consider the possibility of renting your tradeshow display. It may make sense to rent a display for this show, and to have a totally different exhibit the next go-around.

7. How many people are we planning on manning the booth?

If you have three salespeople, an owner, two customer service representatives, and someone from the marketing team at the trade show, a small booth is going to feel crowded very quickly. Consider which team members make the most sense to man the booth (and how many of them there will be at a given time), and then base your booth size on this number and your budget. Your space should be comfortable enough for everyone, with room to spare for visitors. 

8. Do we have promotional items we need to incorporate in design?

This is one of the best questions to ask when you have your sales, marketing, and customer service teams all together, because each group might have a different answer. Work together to figure out which promotional item(s) must be part of the booth design, if any, and what their purpose is in the next show. This will help you decide what makes the cut versus what will just add clutter. 

9. Are there larger products that we want to be showcased?

Sometimes companies go through the custom trade show booth design process and then realize they haven’t left room for products to be displayed. This might seem like an egregious oversight, but it happens more often than you might think. Be sure you’ve left ample space to showcase products, especially large ones, as well as space for collateral and other necessary materials. 

10. Do we have interactive media that needs to be incorporated?

Lastly, your booth might require particular types of technology if you’re going to be using any sort of interactive media. This could be anything from a touch-screen display to an informational kiosk, virtual reality experience or nearly endless other possibilities. Just make sure you’ve discussed this element of your trade show booth, so you plan for it accordingly in your design. 

Once you’ve talked through all of these questions with your team, you should have firmed up your trade show booth ideas. Next, it’s time to contact custom trade show booth manufacturers like Exhibit Experts to turn your ideas into reality. 

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