3 Clever Ways to Use QR Codes at Your Trade Show Booth

As an experienced trade show exhibitor, you know the ropes and what it takes to get people to your booth. But maybe you’ve been using the same tactics for years and now you’re interested in investing more marketing dollars and upgrading your trade show presence. Aside from digital signage, how exactly do you begin to create more engagement and buzz around your booth?

QR code

One way to make this happen is by taking advantage of QR codes (also called 2D codes). Here are some ideas for integrating QR codes into your CRM systems at exhibitions:

Make It Easy to Find You

You can do all the pre-show marketing that you want, but if attendees can’t easily – and quickly – find your booth, all of your hard work, and marketing dollars might go to waste. Mentioning your booth number on your website and in your marketing collateral is not enough. Take your marketing efforts a step further and use a QR code generator to make a unique QR code you can include on all pre-show mailers. Once that code is scanned it opens to a map of the event space with your trade show booth location highlighted.

But how do you ensure your leads will know to use the QR code? By adding a blurb into your pre-show marketing you can recommend downloading the QR code reader app on their phones prior to the show. It might feel like you’re having to handhold prospects to get them to your booth, but that’s fine – as long as they end up coming by to visit you. And in the flurry of activity on the trade show floor, this extra step can go a long way in guiding potential customers to your booth.

Connect the In-Person to the Digital

You probably have CRM systems you use internally to manage your leads and existing customers and most trade shows also offer some type of software or badge scanning system that helps you track which attendees came by your booth. This gives you a bridge between the in-person conversations you have and the digital means you’ll use to follow up with leads.

But, some potential customers might need a little extra nudging in order to consider your product or service further. You can generate a unique QR code to put on all your products and collateral at the show, which leads to a landing page with more information and an invitation to participate in your next marketing event. Maybe you’ll invite them to see demos online or join your next webinar; whatever the invitation is, what matters is that you’re providing further education and another opportunity to keep that prospect engaged with your brand long past the show. It can take 7-13 or more touches to get an initial meeting, let alone a sale, with most prospects.

Launch a Game or Contest

Finally, what about having some fun? In the monotony of receiving endless sales pitches on the show floor, trade show attendees can get bored and start feeling detached. Re-engage them by offering a giveaway or inviting them to participate in a contest or game. These approaches can take many forms, but you can artfully use QR codes to help get them involved.

For example, use your QR code by telling attendees they can enter to win a flashy prize. When they scan the code, you gain their lead information and they have a shot at walking away from the show with a prize. You can also design a game or contest, and have anyone interested in playing use QR codes in the process.

Trade Show QR Code Best Practices

However you choose to use QR codes in your trade show marketing, just remember a few of the following best practices:

  • Keep all codes accessible in easily visible places
  • Test each one several times before inviting customers and prospects to use them
  • Optimize your landing pages, and make it easy for people to take the next step by including a clear call-to-action

By following these guidelines, you’ll ensure a smooth experience for customers and better results from your efforts.

Still need a little help with your trade shows digital content? Check out this blog post for more tips. And contact us if you’d like some more ideas about incorporating QR codes into your trade show marketing for maximum results.

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