3 Ways Trade Show Marketing Creates a Profitable Customer Base for Your Business

You might’ve heard that trade show marketing is a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal – and that’s absolutely true. But exhibiting at trade shows is not only a good way to create general brand awareness; it can also be a highly effective way to curate a profitable customer base for your business.

Trade Show Marketing
Trade Show Marketing

If you’re looking for trade show booth ideas to attract visitors or trade show tips and tricks, here are some things to keep in mind so you can build that customer base while making an impression on trade show attendees.

1. Attendees Are Already at the Purchasing Stage of the Funnel.

One of the best things about trade show attendees is that the majority of them are there in order to get inspired, learn about new products, and make new connections. That means they’re actually seeking out information and, for lack of a better term, sales pitches. You have a perfect opportunity, then, to be the answer they may not even know they needed.

When you work on your trade show messaging and pre-show marketing, think about all of the attendees as potential customers. They’re already going to be there with the mindset of finding solutions to their problems This is how you can present yourself as a real and timely solution.

This also tells you that many of the people you’ll be speaking with may be ready to buy – on the spot. Make sure you’ve set up your booth so that a willing buyer is able to quickly and smoothly complete a purchase if they decide to do so. The last thing you want to do is accidentally inhibit a sale because you weren’t expecting one to take place.

2. You Get the Opportunity to Interact Face-To-Face.

It’s not often that you get to make eye contact and shake hands with the target audience for your products or services; but at trade shows, you do.  Keep in mind, however, that these perfectly primed prospects aren’t going to magically end up at your booth, ready to lend you their ear. You have to do some work to get them to your display too.

One of the best things you can do is hire an outgoing sales team who is willing to seek out people in the crowds to stop by and visit your booth. And once they do, the rest of your team needs to be trained to answer their questions and be a friendly representation of your business.

3. Meaningful Conversations Can Make You Memorable, Long After the Show.

Not only do the one-on-one conversations at your booth increase your likelihood of getting someone’s attention and business in the moment they also humanize your brand for the long haul. When attendees get home after a busy trade show, it’s easy to forget the specifics of who they talked with, from what company, and when.

However, if you focus on engaging in meaningful conversations with each person who comes by, you’ve increased the chances that they’ll remember you when they have a need for what you sell or service you offer. Make the conversations about them and how you can help them, and keep in mind that a little humor and relatability can go a long way in forging a real connection. And then, when it’s time for you to do a post-show follow-up, you’ll be able to do so in a very personalized, human-to-human manner.

Trade show marketing can go a long way in creating a profitable customer base for your business if you approach it with the right mindset and goals. Contact us if you’d like help getting started we can help!


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