4 Excellent Reasons to do Trade Show Marketing

Trade Show Marketing

Is your company up to speed with inbound, outbound and all the marketing in between? What about trade show marketing? With all the lead generation, content creation, client nurturing, and social media your marketing team has to keep up with, paying for and staffing trade show displays may just feel like it’s not worth the effort. Oh how wrong you are! One statistic notes that 82% of trade show visitors are directly involved in making purchase decisions, that’s about 4 of 5 people walking by your trade show booth! The average ROI on trade shows, in fact, is an estimated $5 profit for every $1 spent. So if you aren’t yet marketing at an industry trade show, then you’re missing a valuable marketing outlet and countless other benefits that go beyond capturing those leads. Read on for 4 excellent reasons your company should be doing trade show marketing.

Trade Show Marketing is Highly Targeted

When it comes to finding those hot leads, cold-calling is one of the most dreaded tasks. Often, your targeted lead ends up irritated, resentful of the perceived intrusion, or they ignore you (and your emails) altogether. It’s easy to silence a phone call or delete an email. Consider that at a trade show, potential leads are literally everywhere; and what’s more, they are primed to make a purchase. Face-to-face consumer engagement with people who want to learn about your brand gives you the opportunity for highly targeted branding among people who are actually interested in what you have to offer via your trade show booth.

Trade Shows Provide the Opportunity for Networking…

It isn’t just the attendees you can engage with at a trade show; other vendors can provide you with a powerful opportunity for increasing your industry network. When you have a little down time, leave your trade show booth in the hands of a capable team member and check out the other trade show displays. You can make connections that you wouldn’t have found any other way, and increase your brand’s influence within the industry.

…and for Learning What the Competition is Doing

While you’re milling about the trade show floor making networking connections, you can also take a peek at what the competition is doing. This gives you the chance to see what you might be doing wrong, and what you are doing right. Visit some seminars and ask questions about what problems your competition is facing and what they’re doing to solve them.

Trade Shows are the Perfect Venue for Gaining Consumer Feedback

You can really learn what customers like about your brand, what they don’t, and where they see room for improvement. You can get more customers to connect with your social media presence by integrating content into your trade show display as well. By interacting directly with potential customers, you can more readily gather what their pain points are – rather than read about them via negative reviews online. And beyond all that, trade shows provide the ideal opportunity to really stretch the limits of your marketing team’s creativity and ingenuity while also giving employees a deeper look into your industry and trends.  

When you add it all up, trade show marketing can be an extremely lucrative investment on multiple levels; from sales to future employee recruitment to brand awareness and engagement.

Contact us today to start augmenting your marketing campaign with a trade show marketing strategy in time for your industry’s next show.


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