5 Things You Need to Know About Trade Show Display Transport & Logistics

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You know the benefits of exhibiting at a trade show as it’s a great way to get the word out about your business, meet new clients, and connect with your customers face-to-face. Knowing a few key pointers when it comes to navigating the logistics and transportation of your trade show exhibit is a great way to ensure that you’ll have the best possible experience, reaching as many customers as you can.

Tip 1: Combine Shipments and Ship Early to the Warehouse

Consolidating your shipments is a lifesaver for a few reasons:

  • You will minimize unnecessary drayage costs
  • Your trade show materials will be packaged together
  • Easier setup and takedown

In addition to combining your shipments into as few as possible, shipping to the advanced warehouse lets you rest easy knowing that your exhibit will be in your booth space ready for you on day one. While yes, you can ship directly to the trade show site, if you encounter any issues transporting your materials to the booth space or it’s misplaced, you’ve wasted valuable time and energy. Make sure you gather all shipping confirmations and paperwork before you head out for the show.

Tip 2: Label and Document Each Container

Save yourself the headache of looking through your materials in a rush. Clearly label each of your containers, and document the contents, to stay organized. Just like looking for a black suitcase in a sea of them, labeling your trade show materials containers saves you from wasting time and energy searching for your items. Make sure that you secure items any time you’re going to be away from your booth, including at the end of the day, and keep small items secured throughout the event.

Tip 3: Shape Up Your Shipping Budget

Trade show display shipping isn’t just one line on your budget. Make sure you’re considering the cost of shipping the trade show display, as well as drayage – the cost of transporting your display and materials from the warehouse to the show floor.  

Tip 4: Prepping Your Trade Show Display for the Show

You need a booth that will stand out in a good way. Whether you’re looking to buy a trade show display to take to every trade show you attend over the next few years, or you’d like to rent a booth that will fit your needs for a specific show, make sure you work with a company that will help meet your needs. Carefully think through transportation logistics of that booth. Will it fit into a vehicle you can take with you, or do you need to have it delivered? How will it need to be packaged if you fly to a trade show? Make sure you know exactly how you’ll get your new booth to the right location.

Tip 5: Know, and Follow, Rules and Regulations

Talking with a trade show organizer is the first step toward educating yourself on the deadlines and regulations you’re expected to follow when exhibiting at a trade show. Work your way backwards from your deadlines to plan for shipping, travel, marketing materials, and everything else needed to have a successful trade show. If you’re exhibiting internationally, check with the local support staff for their expertise.

Setting up for a trade show can be challenging. By following these tips, however, you’ll discover that that trade show booth transportation and logistics is easier than you thought. Need more help with the process? Contact us today to learn what we can do to make your trade show even better.


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