5 Tips for Stellar Trade Show Booth Sales Staff

Silhouette of a sales team in front of a large window

Getting to the sweet spot with trade show staffing is an ongoing process. Just as you update your booth, marketing materials, and session presentations to reflect changes in your company’s products and your industry, training and re-training your trade show booth sales staff is vital to keeping your trade show sales strategy fresh and prepared to seize opportunities.

1. The Sales Pitch

According to Barry Siskind, author of Powerful Exhibit Marketing, an effective sales pitch develops by identifying:

2. Find Common Ground

Trust is oftentimes built upon a foundation of commonality. Have your sales staff find common ground before launching into their sales pitch. This can be accomplished by asking open-ended questions, using chit-chat to warm up a prospect, and establishing connections based on a situation, hobbies, current events, etc. Take the time to ask about a prospect’s goals for the trade show to qualify them as genuine prospects.

3. The Art of Boothmanship

Boothmanship is more than having a great pitch and product knowledge – it also includes trade show etiquette, data collection methods, understanding each team member’s role, and educating your sales staff in the many unique opportunities the show presents to them.

4. Lead Management

Establish processes for gathering and rating leads, and for providing timely follow-up before going to the show. Using a lead capture app or device that imports leads directly into your CRM system can save you time, money, and free your sales staff to do what it does best – sell. And always follow-up with prospects within 2 days after the show.

5. Promotions

Use press releases, invitations, and social media to announce your participation at the show and to promote incentives your company will offer visitors. Dining certificates, samples of your products, and drawings for gifts are a few of the incentives you can promote pre-show to drive attendees to your booth. Once at the show, use social media to reinforce your presence, promotions, and participation in panels.

Develop standards and train sales staff on the use of giveaways and promotions. Qualify customers, offering your best incentives to highly qualified prospects and best customers. Trade shows can be extremely beneficial to a business and should be considered in your marketing plans. If you’d like more information on how to have the best trade show booth, or tips on how to have a great show, all you have to do is contact us today!


  1. Thank you for the tip about finding common ground before you go into your sales pitch. My sister has been thinking about how she will have success in future expos. I think reading this article could help her gain some ideas on how to do just that!

  2. I like that you mentioned how giving away gifts can help encourage people to come to your trade show booth. My brother is thinking about opening a business that sells office supplies and would like to have a raffle at his trade show booth next month, but he is worried that he will not be able to manage his booth alone if there is a lot of traffic. Maybe he should find someone that can help him handle his giveaways during the trade show.



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