5 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Trade Show Booth Materials

Trade Show Event Marketing Material

It’s an exercise in futility to discard trade show materials time and again. When it comes to the trade show marketing materials, or the booth itself, there are ways to stretch your trade show budget and make every last dollar and moment of your precious time go the extra mile. And while there is the option to rent a trade show display, there is also a huge advantage to purchasing a trade show booth with repurposing in mind. To repurpose your trade show booth materials consider these trade show budget saving strategies.

Opt for Flexible Materials

While it may seem counter-intuitive initially, a primary reason to invest in purchasing your own trade show booth is to maximize flexibility. If you aren’t renting, and your current booth is not flexible enough to work brilliantly in every likely booth-space configuration out there, an upgrade to the right trade show booth is the most effective investment you can make.

Not every trade show floor layout is the same. Select a design that can be transformed to easily fit into large or small spaces, or even grace an awkward-fitting corner. Make sure the construction is both durable and able to be revitalized for different shows.

Strategically Brand Your Booth

When you choose to brand your booth with your organization’s message or logo, you’re ready for any trade show during any season. If you’re tempted to mark your booth with dates, places, specials, or seasons, stop! Instead, consider putting the customization onto a one-time banner or flag.

Transform Your Display with High Impact Touches

As with your trade show display, all of your trade show booth marketing materials benefit from avoiding dates, cities, and trade show names. A few pieces are all you need for any given show. Place a sticker or insert on your brochure rack instead of imprinting paper marketing materials with the local specifics, for example.

Use Games & Giveaways to Grab Attention

When you make that jump from renting to purchasing, consider planning for games that can be transformed into several different types of trade shows. You can also put the games on a screen for maximum booth flexibility. Prizes are optional but can add excitement and can encourage audience participation.

If you want to include any trade show giveaways, check your budget and make sure it’s valuable and relevant to your trade show event attendees.

Choose Your Promotional Material Wisely

As for the booth materials themselves, the same goes for promotional material. Opt for general promotional “swag” to hand out to potential leads at the event. Avoiding location-specific, seasonal, or event specific logos or imagery, will give you the option to reuse the extras for future events to come.

By investing in an attractive and versatile trade show display you stretch your trade show marketing budget dollars and gain efficiencies in every part of your trade show process which can cut time and costs to your business. If you’re interested in upgrading your trade show display, contact us today!

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  1. yes, it is better to take trade show booth as your own than to take it on a rent there is a lot benefits of it. thanks for the information that you have share.



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