5 Ways to Use AI Technology to Elevate Your Trade Show Experience

AI technology is no longer something out of a sci-fi film or a dream; it’s here, it’s accessible and it can be what you need to up the ante in your next exhibit.

AI technology
AI technology

Not only can AI help you stay ahead of the competition and improve your internal processes, but it can also give you valuable insight like information about leads’ preferences, and how they prefer to receive communication. And, integrating AI into your trade show follow-up strategy is a great way to efficiently collect insights into your leads’ interests and purchasing intention.

Interested? Here are some ways to consider using AI yourself:  

1. Virtual Sales Assistants

Trade shows are busy places, and even if there are thousands of attendees in your ideal demographic, there’s no guarantee even a quarter of them will come by your booth. But, AI-powered virtual sales assistants can help move more qualified traffic your way. It works like this: Your virtual assistant sends messages that look like they’ve come from a real person, which have been found to get high rates of engagement. Through automatically interacting with your prospects, they can gather information, qualify leads and encourage the right ones to visit your booth.

If you’re planning to schedule one-on-one meetings at your booth, your virtual sales assistant can also act as networking technology and take care of booking them. This helps relieve you of the time it takes to handle administrative tasks and can make the whole process more efficient. What’s more, virtual assistants can even help you cross-sell and upsell after your conversation takes place.

2. Chatbox

The Chatbox platform is an AI-enabled solution you can use to deliver hyper-personalized, messaging-based customer experiences at scale across texting, chat, and social channels. When you’re at a trade show, Chatbox can help you communicate with leads through whichever channels you’d like, whether SMS, live chat, Facebook Messenger, etc.  

Data Chatboxes can also be tracked to gain insight into what the attendee wants/needs, so you can adjust accordingly to what you’re displaying or offering at your booth for trade shows.

And… Qualify Leads for Sales Associates

If you choose to use a bot as part of your booth’s integrated solutions, you can often get more people to give you their time. Some conference attendees don’t want the pressure of having to speak directly to a sales associate right off the bat and will shy away from your booth if that seems like the only option.

But, use a bot as your greeter, and you’ll overcome this hurdle. The bot can collect key information in a friendly way, and then loop in your salespeople for the individuals who are qualified or need more information. This enables your employees to spend their time more efficiently by targeting people who are truly interested in your product or service.

3. More Interactive Displays by Using AI and VR (Virtual Reality)

Who can walk by an AI or virtual reality (VR) experience without some level of curiosity? Most people can’t, and you can use this to your advantage in your booth. If you have a hospitality brand, you can now show people the beauty of your different locations without ever leaving the conference hall.

Offer an immersive VR experience, complete with headset, headphones, and maybe even a little subtle aromatherapy to make it complete. Not only can you showcase aspects of your brand this way that you couldn’t with a normal booth, but you can also bet you’ll be one of the most memorable exhibitors.

4. Assist in Lead Follow Ups

When a trade show is over, there’s often palpable excitement among team members about all the leads generated at the trade show. But if those conversations don’t get translated into effective forms of follow-up, that enthusiasm (and the sales potential) can quickly fizzle out. Luckily, AI can help you with that.

AI technology can track valuable information throughout the entire trade show, so you can quickly create customized messages about what parts of your booth attendees interacted with, and use it in your follow-up. It can also analyze that data captured, and reveal patterns that help you communicate in your follow-up and plan better for next year.

The options for AI technology in trade show displays are nearly endless, and we’re just getting started. How do you think you might use AI at your next show? Contact us for ideas, or to learn more.

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