6 Ways to Generate Leads at a Trade Show with Technology

generate leads

If you’re a trade show veteran you know how little time you have in front of potential leads. Finding the time to capture a lead’s information isn’t an easy task when so many other things are going on such as networking, managing your sales staff, demonstrating products and services, and ensuring the event runs smoothly for you and your team. One way to cut down time manually collecting leads’ contact information at a trade show is to use cloud technology to your advantage. So if you’re looking to “up” your trade show game, check out our top-rated apps to generate lead contact information.

  1. iPrizeWheel: If you are interested in trying trade show giveaways for your lead generation strategy without taking away from the products at your booth, iPrizeWheel may be the solution for you. Using an app eliminates the need to use spinning wheels that take up valuable booth space.
  2. CDS Xpress Connect: Badge scanning apps like CDS Xpress Connect allow you to efficiently capture a lead’s information by scanning their badge ID. This app has the capability to rate your leads by having them answer questions to get an insight on the quality of lead and if and when you should follow up.
  3. LeadPod: Business solutions like LeadPod give you the opportunity to capture leads beyond the booth. With lead generation apps, exhibitors don’t have to worry about collecting business cards or remembering who was a qualified lead or not.
  4. CamCard: If you’re a traditional exhibitor who values the personal connections gained by swapping business cards, CamCard may be the right fit for your business. This app makes it easy to organize and store information by taking pictures of business cards to be stored through cloud technology on your smartphone. CamCard has the capability to add custom notes for each lead for your reference when you are ready to follow up with your leads from the trade show.
  5. iCapture: Collecting a lead’s contact information at a trade show has never been easier with iCapture. Using a tablet or a phone your leads can enter in their own information that you and your team can easily access after the show.
  6. OnSpotSocial: Engage trade show attendees with a product demo or a game to generate leads for your business. OnSpotSocial allows you to capture contact information after they have demoed the product on a tablet, watched a video of a demonstration explaining your product, played a game, or even opted in for a coupon. Once a lead has entered in their information OnSpotSocial instantly follows up with your leads via email.

Not being equipped with the right tools to efficiently collect leads at a trade show can be a tall task without helpful technology to streamline your sales process. Having the right sales staff with a combination of the right technology to fit your business’s goals is key to having a successful trade show. If you are interested in growing your leads with trade show marketing, contact us today!


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