6 Ways to Use Digital Content at Your Trade Show Booth

Trade Show Content

You’re exhibiting at a trade show and you know it’s already a fantastic way to reach and engage with potential clients. However, you’ve got to make sure your trade show booth stands out from the sea of booths your audience is visiting. How can you not only get their attention, but keep it long enough to really showcase what it is you have to offer? When you’re considering trade show marketing, digital content is a great way to do just that for a variety of reasons – digital content isn’t just for blogs or ebooks; digital content has the ability to travel! Take the content your team has already created and vetted and repurpose that into some more advanced marketing materials to supplement your next trade show display.

These are six of our favorite trade show marketing ideas using digital content:


This is a great opportunity to educate past, present, and future customers and to engage them without being too salesy. With video you can unobtrusively address their pain points and answer their questions before they even get the pleasure of speaking with you. You can snag their attention with something informative and informational (or funky and quirky), and since the video runs continuously, you can reach everyone who passes by even when you’re personally engaged with someone else. This is also a great medium to show short testimonial videos or even how-tos or product demos.

Instant Social Media Updates

The screen can display your Twitter feed (which someone is updating regularly with trade show news and photos) to give people a sense of who you are online, how you interact and engage, and encourage them to follow you before they leave your booth. You can also integrate live feeds by sharing your Instagram feed on a TV screen with a special hashtag just for the event. Not only does this get your online engagement trending upward, it shows trade show attendees that you’re tech savvy and you’re keeping tabs on your brand in cyberspace.


Run a competition during the trade show and post the ever-changing leaderboard on a screen at your trade show booth. This encourages people not only to engage with you via the contest, but also to check back regularly to see how they’re doing. This is the secret sauce behind group fitness classes – being a part of something larger pushes you to compete and push yourself harder than if you were alone. Use this to your advantage and you’ll give the trade show attendees something to really talk about!

Touch-Screen Voting

Conduct a survey or a poll, perhaps asking how people use your product or which product is their favorite. You could also give trade show attendees an opportunity to vote on the color or name of your next product or the design of your next brochure or updated logo. This helps people get to know you and feel as though they’re a part of what you’re trying to accomplish. The feeling of investing in your brand will leave them feeling more comfortable and secure with your business.

Demo Presentation

Show people how to use your product, or how your product makes life easier for your happy customers. You could also consider adding testimonials or videos of your customers unboxing and using your products. Showing a demo video or testimonials allows your future customers the ability to familiarize themselves with your brand and in turn they become more comfortable with what you’re offering. That’s why we test drive cars, buying a car sight unseen can be a pretty intimidating process, but if you’ve gripped the wheel and hit the pedal, you’re even more confident in your selection.

Funny TV Show

Forget marketing your product and screen a funny television show or a compilation of your favorite cat videos. Bonus points if it relates to your business, but if not, you can still set up a few comfortable chairs and give people a place to sit down, relax, watch the show, and laugh for a bit. The more time they spend near your trade show booth, the better. Plus you’ve guaranteed they’re in a good mood – win win!

Your trade show display can be a powerful part of your trade show marketing strategy. If you’d like more information on how to have the best trade show booth, or tips on how to have a great show, all you have to do is contact us today!


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