A Large Format Showcase: a Wedding at The Phoenician Resort

phoenician+resortRecently we met with the Catering Manager at The Phoenician Resort to brainstorm a unique way to offer a special touch for clients who were considering using The Phoenician for their special occasion. Together we came up with a window mural package. The example shown above is for a wedding; a couple can choose a photo of their own, a picture of their rings with the wedding dates, or even a favorite poem. The Phoenician’s only concern was using a product that would not obstruct the beautiful views, something the Phoenician is rightfully proud of. We took great care in finding materials that would show a vibrant, beautiful image, but was also transparent enough to see through. The Phoenician loved the idea, and we installed it right away.The possibilities with this material are endless. Any photo or picture can be transferred to this material and can be placed on just about any surface. Most hotels and banquet halls allow the use of this product on their walls because the materials we use protect the surface rather than damage it. After the event, the film is simply peeled off.  This application is easily used in restaurants, businesses, doctors’ offices, and banquet rooms for special occasions, large meetings, and charity events. Any type of event can be brought to life with a window mural or graphic. The question is, how creative can you be?

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