Best Trade Shows in Phoenix and North America

Phoenix trade show

It’s no secret that the best trade show, clocking in at over 170k visitors and millions of exhibition space, is the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). From there, there are literally hundreds of other trade shows, expos, and fairs for your business to see and be seen. If you’re a trade show booth exhibitor you’re ready and eager to promote your products or services and maybe you’re not quite sure which events to attend.

Don’t put the cart before the proverbial horse; first plan on what trade show or shows are the best fit for your business and where your ideal prospective buyers will be. If your business offers complete home care services, even the CES won’t be the best trade show bet for your time, money and effort. Consider which events would garner the best bang for your buck, the best exposure, and ideally – customers. Here are some extra tips on determining a trade show’s benefit. If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place! We’ve come up with a list of top trade shows across Phoenix and North America.

First, here are the 5 Top Trade Shows in Phoenix

  1. Phoenix Small Business Expo

The Phoenix Small Business Expo is a large business-to-business trade show, conference, and networking event that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit. The expo is free to all attendees, and the industries that exhibit cover almost all areas of business. From tax planning, to eCommerce, this expo is the optimal place for business owners to learn and grow their business.

  1. Creativation

Connect with new buyers, suppliers, designers, makers, bloggers, media representatives, and entrepreneurs from around the world at Creativation. This trade show fills the needs of the creative communities across the globe! Do you sell high-quality craft supplies that you want to get into the hands of vendors? Come to this fun and creative convention to network and grow your business.

  1. AZ Brew Con

This convention is a one-day trade show for those in the craft beer community who are looking to make connections and open doors. If you’re in the business of brews, this is the trade show for you. Making beer can be a difficult process, and making good beer can be even more challenging; experienced veterans attend this event  to answer your questions in a variety of panels. For those in the craft beer community, this is the event for your trade show booth.

  1. Indoor Custom Car Super Show & Concert

Is your business focused on custom cars? If so, this trade show is the right fit for you. The Indoor Custom Car Super Show is the largest indoor show in the West Coast! Setting up your trade show booth at tht this event will surely benefit your trade show ROI. Oh, did we mention it’s a super show? And if you’re focus is on lowriders, yup, there’s a show for that. Support your trade show booth with graphics and stands that complement what’s on display.

  1. Tactical Operations Conference & Vendor Show

With hundreds of exhibitors, the Tactical Operations Conference & Vendor Show is one of the best trade shows that Phoenix has to offer. The show is packed full of classes, training events, vendors, and seminars. This is certainly the place to be if your company is looking to make connections in tactical wear, firearms, or preventative technologies.

Looking to attend trade shows outside of Phoenix? Here are 2 trade shows that we highly recommend in North America.

  1. E3

Are you an investor in video games? Do you develop hardware or software pertaining to entertainment development? Are you a video game developer? If so, E3 is the perfect opportunity. E3 is the world premiere convention for anything and everything related to video games. This event receives a great amount of media coverage which could possibly get your business in the 4k pixel limelight!

  1. MAGIC Las Vegas

The retail industry comes together twice a year for this greatly anticipated event. MAGIC Las Vegas is known for fueling the business of fashion. The trade show features the latest and greatest in apparel, footwear, accessories, and manufacturing. If your business touches the industry of retail, it could greatly benefit from this event.

If you’re a history buff and want to test your knowledge on the history made during 20th century trade shows and world’s fairs, take this fun quiz. Overall, trade shows can be extremely beneficial to your business and should definitely be considered in your marketing plans. If you’d like more information on how to have the best trade show booth, or tips on how to have a great show, all you have to do is contact us today!


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