Custom Projects – From Napkin Sketches To Reality


When you and your team are brainstorming ideas for upcoming shows, you want to make sure that your product stands out and shines. You also want the look of your display to send the right a message to your potential customers. Your tradeshow display says a lot about your company and your product, so be sure to highlight the product or service you want to get noticed.

When the McMillan Companies, a long-standing Exhibit Experts client, was planning for their upcoming tradeshow season, they came to us with their vision. McMillan wanted to show off their world-class rifles, stocks, and accessories yet wanted a simple and bold. display. From little more than a back-of-napkin sketch, Exhibit Experts developed a custom piece that would display McMillan’s products and convey the sleek, modern look they were after. In a few, simple steps, Exhibit Experts made the McMillan vision come to life.

Interesting facts: There are an estimated 5,000 gun shows held annually in the United States. In 2014, there will be more than 45 gun shows in Arizona. Like car shows and art shows, gun shows are large events open to the public. Held in convention centers and similar facilities, they attract a broad range of people with an interest in guns, including collectors, hunters, target shooters, police officers and military personnel. Exhibitors include gun dealers, gun collectors, hunting guides, target shooting clubs, and vendors of books, clothing, hunting accessories, targets, gun parts and the like.

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