What Do Disney and Your Trade Show Booth Have in Common?

Disney and Trade Show Booth Customer Service

What might the imagineers at the Walt Disney Corporation have in common with those in the trade show business? More than you might imagine. From being agile, to delighting customers, to creating the ultimate immersive experience – the Disney brand has a lot of great ideas to offer in the way they do business. Take note trade show booth exhibitors, your booth can be the most magical place on earth!

Maintaining agility to shift gears on the fly

Trends change on a dime. Disney’s ability to quickly capitalize on the latest viral video, social media fad, or technological innovation is second to none. Likewise, your trade show display needs the functionality to do just that. Consider their latest addition to food fare at the parks: glowing unicorn cotton candy. To their credit, Disney was quick to move on incorporating their own spin on Starbucks’ recent, phenomenally popular unicorn frappuccino offering.

Are consumers walking around the trade show happily enamored with fidget spinners displaying the brand of your competition? Are they snapping selfies at your trade show display trying to get on the big screen? By keeping your fingers on the pulse of trends like this, you increase the chances that your trade show booth will be the one attendees are lining up to see.  

Leveraging the right talent, at the right time, for the right reasons

No one knows talent like Disney. From preschoolers to pensioners, and from athletes to artists, Disney excels at identifying talent and plugging their people into positions where they will shine. Their talent management approach has long been heralded as the best in the business.

Think of your trade show booth as an opportunity to do the same thing. Make sure you and your trade show staff are doing the jobs that best take advantage of your unique passions and skill sets. Customer service is key regardless of what business you’re in! Think of your next trade show as an opportunity to let your trade show staff shine and be true brand ambassadors.

Creating an immersive brand-centric experience

The Disney brand is immediately recognizable regardless of where you are standing on planet earth. Though your brand might not (yet) be as ubiquitous as Disney’s, you need to be just as vigilant and dedicated to creating a distinct look and feel for your brand that sets your trade show booth apart from those of your closest competitors. Unique colors, fonts, and decorative elements in your trade show booth display can go a long way to helping you achieve this goal at your next trade show. Your brand needs to be prominent and consistent on your trade show booth and across your written and visual marketing materials, your website, and your social media channels. Brands like Disney and even the Oscar Mayer Weiner demand their own space in a customer’s head – get creative with your trade show booth and immerse your visitors in the experience.

Committing to customer service

Disney’s customer service is unmatched in their industry. Making customers happy is a mission to which the company dedicated itself from the very beginning. In fact, the company doubled down on its commitment to customer service by establishing The Disney Institute. The Institute is a division of the company devoted to training other organizations in establishing an effective approach to customer service.

Doing whatever it takes to ensure that your customer walks away with a smile on his or her face is paramount. It’s as important in your brick and mortar presence as it is at your trade show booth. From the top of your organization, to the rank-and-file, everyone in your organization must be laser-focused on this goal. When visitors come to your booth, you want them to leave feeling confident that no matter where they are in their buyer’s journey, they know you’re a trusted resource and your customer service is as classy and cool as your trade show booth.

At Exhibit Experts, we are perfectly positioned to help you get the most out of your trade show booth. Contact us today to discuss how we can ensure that your trade show displays share the same characteristics that made the Disney brand the phenomenal success it is today.

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