Do More With Less Using Tension Fabric Displays

You’re in charge of your company’s trade show displays, and even though you’re experienced in this area it’s not something you want consuming your precious time since you also oversee all your business’ other marketing initiatives.

Tension Fabric Displays
Tension Fabric Displays

Whether you’ve used trade show banners, large displays, compelling trade show graphics, or any combination of these elements in the past, tension fabric displays might just be your best bet to save time and budget moving forward. Here’s why tension fabric displays are worth considering for the next round of trade shows your business is attending.

Cost-Effective & Seamless to Use

As a marketer, you put a lot of time and strategy into maximizing ROI with each of your tactics, but it’s equally important to use your budget wisely. Tension fabric displays can help you cut costs and still get great results because they’re cost-effective to order, flexible to set up, take up less space, and less costly to store after the trade show is over. Then, when it’s time for your next trade show, they can easily be pulled out of storage and shipped for a minimal cost since they’re lightweight.

These types of displays are designed for easy assembly and deconstruction. This means less hassle, of course, but it also means you won’t have to hire help to assist you in setting up or taking down your trade show booth. You’ll feel the cost (and time) savings all the way around.  

Built to Last

The materials in tension fabric displays are durable and will last you a long time. What’s more, it gives you flexibility and versatility in your design options so you can switch things up when a message or graphic becomes stale.

To stay ahead of the competition and in tune with trade show trends, it’s best practice to upgrade and change out your trade show display time and again. But, if you’re just starting out and looking to stretch your budget tension fabrics are a great way to remain versatile in your design for less.

Logistically Appealing

The less you have to think about your trade show display, the better. Instead of stressing about how to conserve precious booth space and convey adequate messaging, you can double-sided print onto your tension fabric display and maximize space without overthinking it.

And since you’ll likely be reusing the display, it’s easy to clean in between events. When you’re done with the show, store it, and when you’re ready to take it out give it a quick clean.

When you choose a display that fits with your trade show marketing goals, you maximize your efficiency (and effectiveness). We provide an array of floor displays like tension fabric displays, along with banner stands, tabletop displays, and custom designs. Contact us if you have any questions about how we can help you maximize your next trade show.

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