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Exhibit Experts’ Installation & Dismantle Team

Your display is ready and now you need to choose a company to handle the installation and dismantle (known as I & D) of your exhibit at the show. Exhibit Experts has years of experience with exhibit installation and dismantle. Our team’s skills and understanding of tradeshow and corporate environments, as well as facility relationships will streamline the process. There are dozens of choices for installation and dismantle labor, and all of them offer hourly rates that correspond to the city where the show takes place. While these rates vary widely, they are never as important as total cost, which is calculated as follows:

+ hourly rate x number of straight time hours

+ hourly rate x number of overtime hours

+ hourly rate x number of double overtime hours


= Total Project Cost

At Exhibit Experts, we provide a detailed estimate of the number of hours a project will take. Because we design schedules that maximize straight-time hours and streamline the on-site process, we can demonstrate a lower total cost for each project. In addition, our team is extremely efficient, and this helps our clients stay on budget. We even work closely with your other vendors to ensure a streamlined show experience. When planning your next project, contact Exhibit Experts and we will show you exactly how much I&D will cost and ensure that there are no hidden costs or surprises on your final bill.

As your show date approaches, we can ship your display straight to the show, meet the shipment at its destination, and complete the setup. All your team has to do is arrive at the show and start setting up their collateral. Imagine what a relief it is to know that when your staff arrives at the event, they can count on the display being show-ready. And after long days of working the booth, all your sales team needs to do is gather their things and go home! Our professional team will arrive to carefully dismantle your exhibit and get it shipped back. We are always on time and ready to get the job done correctly.

Here is what Patty Robinson of Harrah’s Ak Chin Casino Resort recently had to say about her experience with the Exhibit Experts I & D team:

“Our experience with Exhibit Experts has indeed been exceptional when it comes to service and professionalism! [They] have truly been a fabulous partner by taking care of every detail of our show needs from start to finish! I have complete confidence and trust in [them] to take care of our every need. It is our pleasure to do business with Exhibit Experts.”

Patty L. Robinson

Sales Manager Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino Resort

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