Get Your Business’s Key Differentiator Across By Designing Effective Trade Show Booths

If there’s one thing that can make or break your trade show strategy, it’s alignment. If you’re in alignment, your booth design, physical collateral, and digital presence all communicate the same value propositions and consistent branding. What’s more, your salespeople reflect the same brand value. But if you’re out of alignment, things can go south quickly. In order for your salespeople to speak the same language, and for all of the pieces and parts of your trade show booth to reinforce a strong company message, start by focusing on your booth display.

effective trade show booths

The most effective trade show booths often keep their trade show strategy simple – and you can too. Here are some trade show booth design tips and trade show tips for exhibitors, to help you elevate your approach and achieve alignment.

1. Use Clear and Direct Messaging in Your Headlines.

There’s a time and a place to be fluffy and clever in your messaging, but your trade show display isn’t it. Use your display to quickly explain what your business is, and then point out what makes you special. This is what will get high quality leads to give you a second look, and ideally their time.

2. Utilize Bullets to Quickly Convey Information.

If you want to keep things concise but have several important points you must hit, try bulleting or numbering them. When you use formatting like this, it makes it easier for passers-by to skim your sign and get the gist of your information. Most people won’t read a whole paragraph, but they will glance at the items on a bulleted list. And if done well, this should be enough to convince them to stop by and talk to your team.

3. Use Images That Don’t Need Text-Based Context.

You already have a good amount of copy on your signs, don’t add more by choosing images that require captions to make sense. Instead, select eye-catching pictures that can help explain your business, with or without the accompanying text.  It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to trade shows, it’s much more powerful to let the images do the talking.

4. Go with a Large Font That’s Easy to Read from a Distance.

A trade show is no time to play it small. Use the maximum size font that will comfortably fit your text within your display, whenever possible, because people will be reading your signage from far away. It’s okay to go big and go bold.

5. Be Concise and Big-Picture in Your Copy.

Wherever you have verbiage on the graphics of your trade show booth, keep it short. Also, aim to describe the feelings and benefits your buyers will have when they become your customers, rather than just summarizing product features. This a great time to weave in your mission statement if you have one, too.

When it comes to effective trade show booths, the biggest winners are the companies that align their messaging and visual branding across their graphics, booth design, and marketing materials. And when you’ve done enough to be laser-focused in those areas, your sales team will be able to be just as laser-focused, clear and compelling in their conversations with leads. Contact us to learn more about conveying your business’s key differentiator at your next trade show.

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