How to Integrate the Best Emerging Technologies Into Your Event Strategy

Emerging technologies

When you think about emerging technologies and how to incorporate them into your next trade show, you might immediately think of something grandiose and expensive like virtual reality (VR), but this is hardly the only available technology. Trade shows offer a great opportunity for other types of interactive entertainment such as augmented reality apps. Here’s what to think about when it comes to this technology, trade shows, and your sales goals.

1. Easy and Low Cost.

To use VR at your trade show, and to do so effectively, you’d pay a pretty penny. And while sometimes the payoff is worth it, most marketing pros would rather spring for immersive technologies that don’t eat up a good chunk of their entire budget. This is where AR really shines. It’s still an emerging technology and has the cool factor that comes with it, but it’s much more affordable. What’s more, trade show attendees won’t need gear like VR goggles and alcohol wipes; they can simply use their own mobile devices to get the full experience.

2. Not All Augmented Reality Apps Are Created Equally.

There are different types of augmented reality apps, but you want to find a provider that can build exactly what you’re looking for. Core-apps is our current favorite, and they can create augmented reality apps that include everything from interactive 3D models to videos, rich-media, landing pages, documents, and more – all visible through the user’s mobile device. By building you a solution that can be easily integrated into an event app itself, you can increase booth visits, prospect engagement, and even revenue.

3. AR Offers You a Slew of Unique Benefits.

In addition to grabbing attention, being cost-effective, and convenient, AR apps have even more advantages, including:

  • They can give you the ability to demo your product in real time and actual size, allowing you to move or zoom into the product as needed.
  • They give you the ability to simulate animated 3D models.
  • They offer a way for trade show attendees to save your simulation or information directly on their mobile phone, or request for it to be emailed to them, preventing them from losing important details you’ve given them.

So, when will you incorporate AR into your trade show strategy? Start capturing leads and make the most of your next show in 2019 with the next emerging technologies. Contact us to learn more about trade show planning, booths, promotional material, and displays.

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