Let Exhibit Experts Entertain You

161Everyone knows the name Harrah’s, and what flashes in our minds when we hear the name is elegant casinos, music, and of course…show girls!

Harrah’s Ak-Chin Resort and Casino attends many events around the valley to entertain and tell their story. And how could they possibly do this without having a little show? Depending on the event, Harrah’s hires either a showgirl or male model to pass out beaded necklaces and get the crowd energized. Attendees love to have their pictures taken with these amazing entertainers. They are there to get show attendees to stop in front of the booth, and trust us they do just that!

Exhibit Experts has worked with Harrah’s Ak-Chin for several years helping with their tradeshow and entertainment needs. It has been a great business relationship and a ton of fun. So why not attract crowds to your booth by hiring an entertainer for your next showEntertainers boost your booth’s visibility. Your exhibit will be an engaging, interactive experience that will get your message seen, heard, and remembered by more people.

A tradeshow entertainer can be an opportunity to draw a crowd to your booth and keep show attendees engaged and entertained while you collect data and make sales. Having some form of entertainment at your booth or event will help your company, brand, or product be remembered long after the convention is over.

Consider the following when hiring an entertainer for your booth:

  • Think about the target audience for the show, and hire appropriate entertainer for that audience.
  • Make sure to have an interactive performer that can create a diverse mix of engagement opportunities. You can then focus on collecting leads.
  • Find talented entertainers that can get prospects out of the aisles and into your booth.
  • Make people smile and laugh while hearing your message.
  • Find a way to separate the qualified leads from the onlookers all while having fun.

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