Location, Location, Location: How to Make Smarter Choices About Your Trade Show Booth Location

Location is everything. And while you can still make do at your next trade show if your location isn’t ideal, a solid trade show booth location can make a world of difference in the quality, and number, of leads that come your way. Here are some trade show booth best practices that will help you figure out which area of the exhibit hall is optimal for you as well as what to look for and avoid when making that all-important location selection.

Trade Show Booth Location
Trade Show Booth Location

General Location Selection Tips

Here’s a little known fun fact: Most people turn to their right when walking into a store, and the same is true for trade shows. If you can select a booth location that will be directly to the right upon entrance to the exhibit hall, you’ve picked a good spot.

Next, think about where people congregate, which is typically in the center of the floor. So try drawing a triangle on the floor and then looking for a spot somewhere in the middle of it. Also, find out where the food and drink service will be offered. It’s always a good idea to be proximal to these popular areas, as they’re guaranteed to get a lot of foot traffic.

Remember to consider the size of the space you need. A good rule of thumb is to have one booth staffer for every 50 square feet of space, so make sure you’re getting ample dimensions that you can properly staff and design. Too big or too small can weaken the impact of an otherwise well-designed booth.

Choose Trade Show Booth Locations With:

  • High-traffic areas; but try to be a bit removed so you’re not totally lost in the thick of things.
  • Space that meets your budget, staffing, and booth design needs.
  • Consider your ideal audience, and which other exhibitors’ booth they may be attracted to. Being near the traffic route of another company or two that are sure to draw in your ideal customer can help you get more visitors too.


  • Being near your competitors’ booths.
  • Dead-end or small, crowded aisles.
  • Being next to booths that usually have big, loud or attention-getting displays or machinery.  

Even if you don’t get the booth location of your dreams, the best booth ideas for trade show excellence can still shine when executed well. So make sure your design and display are top-notch, no matter your location; and always plan ahead and be thoughtful when selecting the booth site you want. It really can make a difference, and help maximize the investment you’re putting into your next trade show. Contact us to learn more.

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