How to Make Sure Your Booth Stands Out From the Competition

You’ve decided to attend a few trade shows this year and preparations have begun. But how can you be sure your booth will stand out from all the others? Having a noticeable booth is one of the most important aspects of a successful trade show season, especially considering the number of business deals that are made at trade shows annually.

It takes about one second for a potential customer to form an opinion about your company based on the look of your booth – and move on to the next one if yours isn’t compelling – so it’s important to be creative, incorporate technology, specialize your booth, and of course, make sure your employees are well-versed in the benefits of using your product(s) or service(s). You want to generate leads, form relationships, and promote your business in the best way possible. So, what can you do?

It starts with thinking ahead and establishing goals. Make sure you know why you’re attending a trade show in the first place and exactly what you’d like to accomplish before you start deciding on your design and display options. Here are our tips to get you started on unique trade show booth ideas that will stand out from the competition.

Include Booth Features That Stand out

Your trade show booth design must be compelling enough to draw people in. The physical space should be sleek, uncluttered, and well-lit to start. Colors should be consistent and kept to a minimum, as too many colors will make your booth look cluttered and hard on the eyes.

Next, once you have an overall vision of your display and how you’d like the space to look, you may want to think about hiring a graphic designer to help you arrive at an eye-catching digital logo that strongly communicates your business’s brand and value proposition. And consider investing in a trade show banner to give your trade show booth a leg up and a canvas to put your new slogan on.

Make sure the logo is at eye-level, and front-and-center. Based on how your exhibition booth is structured, you’ll want to place the logo in a few strategic spots throughout your display with a short, easy-to-interpret tagline emphasizing how your business can help potential customers. Keep the tagline simple and digestible.

Then, ask yourself this question: What is the one thing you want people to remember about their experience in your booth? Focus on that by incorporating some of our suggestions below:

Use Your Products and Technology to Create an Experience

Make your booth a destination. Are there unique ways you can integrate your products with your display that will stand out? Are there technological pieces or special effects you can use that will compel passersby to stop in and learn about your product and vision? Perhaps you want to develop a theme that permeates your booth so that when potential customers enter your area, they feel like they have walked into an experience, not just a booth.

Music, A/V technology and in-booth hospitality like refreshments go a long way. If your product is difficult to conceptualize, consider displays like touch screens and/or VR goggles to enhance visitors’ experiences.

Use Giveaways – and Consider Gamification

Think about promotional items for customers – carefully. Think about a thoughtful, unique giveaway that ties to your business and/or product in a clever way. It will go a lot further than a trinket with your logo on it. A nice T-shirt that people will actually want to wear can speak volumes about your business.

Turn your promotional item into a contest. Encourage attendees to wear the item throughout the duration of the trade show by giving them a chance to win something at the end of the show. The more people who participate, the more publicity you’ll generate for your product.

Use Your Best Asset – Your Employees!

Of course, no matter how cool your trade show display is, nothing will hurt your business more than placing unprepared employees in your trade show booth to talk about your company.

Make sure your representatives are well-dressed, well-educated about your products, and ready to answer any and all questions that may arise. Is there a specific pain point your product(s) can address? Make sure your employees know that and can communicate it succinctly.

Need Help Specializing Your Booth? We Can Do That!

Our product offerings will provide you with limitless possibilities for making your exhibition booth stand out. Don’t see exactly what you want? We can customize your exhibit any way you’d like, whether it’s floor displays, tabletop displays, banners, accessories, and even promotional items.

We’d love to hear about your upcoming trade show needs! Contact us if you would like more information on how we can customize your exhibit to stand out from the competition.


  1. Great post Eddie. One needs to do something unique to stand out amid stiff competition. Trade shows are a great way to meet prospective clients and other business partners. So, it’s important to plan and have a strong strategy. Professional designers can customize your displays to grab attention and increase brand recall.

  2. Great advice! I’d add also to be active on social media during the event, and make the stand look like it’s the main stage 🙂 – have some cameras pointing towards the booth as if something is happening and people flock easily.

    • Great point, Emily! Thanks!!

  3. I like that you explained the importance of displaying your logo at eye-level at a trade show. My boss would like our team to attend a trade show and needs help in making our booth stand out, but we only have a limited budget since the company is new. Maybe it would be best to get a tabletop display that has the company’s logo on the front of it.

  4. I like that you said that your trade show booth should be compelling enough to attract people to it. I think that it might help if you got a display kit that you could add on to so that it wasn’t so much work, but you could also make sure to still have a really great booth. That would also be great because since the display wouldn’t take you as much time you could focus on other things like what you wanted to say to people or how you wanted to present your product so that you could be better prepared.



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