Outshine Your Competition with Lighting

Trade Show Booth Lighting

Trade shows are usually filled to the brim with dozens or even hundreds of booths, many of which are run by your competitors. Unless you come up with a trade show booth design that stands out, chances are that your booth will get lost among the crowd. Marketers say you have about a 3 second window to capture attention. One way to avoid becoming a booth flower is through the use of lighting. When used correctly, it is one of the most dramatic ways to add visual appeal and depth. Let’s discuss some ways to outshine your competition with the use of trade show lighting.

Get Some Attention

As we discussed above, your booth has a chance of getting lost among the other booths if it doesn’t stand out. Like moths to a flame you can attract your visitors with lighting. Use LED tape, uplights, and moving lights to stand out from the competition and attract your consumer’s eye. Don’t go crazy here, but think of these products as public relation tools.

LED lights are budget-friendly, they burn brighter and last longer than halogen lights, and also produce a fraction of the heat that halogen lights produce. They are eco-friendly, as they consume less power than traditional lighting sources, allowing you to save up to 75% on your energy usage, which is often expensive at trade shows. Another way to save on your energy usage or completely eliminate the use of energy is to utilize battery powered LED lights.

Show Off Your Products & Get Attention

If you’re bringing products to your next trade show and you want to show off your stuff, don’t count on the fluorescent lighting to be your spotlight. Utilize accent lighting to highlight important items or products such as literature and business cards, making them stand out. You’ll want to accent light your logo, making it memorable to consumers, and any of the products that you are displaying.

Accent lighting works to call attention to your trade show booth, and it also clarifies who you are, and what you’re selling. It will work to define and add texture to your images and products. It’s natural for people to be attracted to shiny objects, they can’t help being drawn like a moth to a flame. Strobe lights or gobo lights are a unique and fun way to produce special effects in your booth. Gobo lights can be used to project an image of your company’s logo on the wall or ground, and can also be programmed to project moving images or color onto a display.

Travel Light & Bright

If you have a small display, table tops and pop up displays, consider using clamp on display lights. You don’t want to get caught in a dark corner of the show space with nothing but a few overheads lights. Bring some pop to your display and make sure that you are choosing only high-quality display lights as low-quality lights can cast abnormal shadows and make information hard to read and products tough to distinguish. You can also look into using LED rope and tape to highlight your table tops. If you’re short on outlets there are battery powered versions that can easily be rearranged to keep your trade show booth display looking fresh and vibrant.

So, what specific types of lighting should be utilized for your trade show booth? Everything from recessed lighting to track lighting will help your booth dazzle your consumers by attracting them to your exhibit without being distracting or obnoxious. You can also get really fancy by incorporating activations at your trade show booth. Lighting is an easy, portable, and inexpensive way to attract and impress visitors.

You want to amaze and delights your customers. Achieve this goal by using trade show lighting to amp up your booth. It will take some hard work and research to figure out what and how many lights you want to use, but it’s worth it in the end. Contact us for more information on how to outshine your competition.


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