How to Prepare Staff for a Trade Show Booth

Leader preparing team for a tradeshow
Nothing instills confidence in a company or brand quite like the words “I don’t know.” Ok that was the sarcastic answer – but you can avoid setting your staff up for failure at their next experience in your trade show booth by adequately preparing them and setting them up for success. It’s more than just a good idea, it’s essential for success when presenting a polished brand.

Pre-Show Prep

Staff your event with friendly, lively and personable people. Ensure you aren’t understaffed but take care not to over staff your booth as well. Set an expectation of how you want your brand to be presented by clearly communicating dress code, eating or drinking at the booth, and level of interaction with passerbys including body language and greetings.

Share pertinent information regarding the location, transportation options, and general travel arrangements and logistics with your trade show staff. It’s a small piece of the trade show puzzle yet insanely valuable to your staff. Share the schedule and timelines of the show so they can be prepared for breaks, meals, setup and takedown as well. That way they arrive at the show feeling confident, relaxed and ready to rock and roll.

Products and / or Service Offerings

This is the chance to literally put your best face forward. If you aren’t able to staff your trade show booth with purely sales staff, you will want to enable your booth staffers with the knowledge and autonomy to foster fantastic attendee interaction. Create a cheat sheet of common FAQs from your experience (or just print it from your website!). What are the pain points of your personas? What matters most to your customers? What questions haven’t they asked? Don’t assume your team has all of the answers, prepare them for those instances as well. Producing this in advance allows your team to present a cohesive and consistent voice. Having confident, well-spoken trade show staff members manning your booth instills your audience with confidence in your business, products and / or service offerings.


Be kind to your staff when coordinating the setup for your booth, especially if the event spans multiple days. If your staff will be standing all day advise them to dress in comfortable shoes and splurge on the extra carpet padding. Avoid having tired and sore employees by considering their comfort at the event.

Next Steps

So your staff has collected a fishbowl of business cards or has an Excel spreadsheet loaded with leads. Clarify the expectations and next steps to integrate them through the whole sales process; from meet and greet to potential sale. FOLLOW-UP IS CRITICAL!

Having well-trained and prepared trade show event staff at your next trade show and giving them some trade show tips allows for a more productive and enjoyable experience for staff and potential customers alike. Trade shows can be extremely beneficial for a business and should be considered in your marketing plans. They give you the opportunity to have a positive impact on your relationship with your clients, to size up the competition, and to attract new business as well. These are, of course, just a few benefits of attending trade shows. If you’d like more information, or tips on how to have a great show, all you have to do is contact us today!


  1. I love that you mentioned how ensuring the comfort of your employees is essential since they will be standing for a long period of time during the trade show. My boss would like our team to attend our trade show, but the employees are worried that they will get tired and uncomfortable which will sacrifice the booth’s integrity. Maybe it would be best to prioritize comfort during the trade show.

  2. I like that you mentioned how you should make sure that your staff is friendly and energetic at your event. My uncle would like to start a business that sells high-tech watches, but he needs to find someone that will model his products and be friendly towards people that pass his booth. I’ll let him know that he should look for a model that will help him succeed.



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