Rain or Shine: Outdoor Trade Show Display Tips

Trade Show Outdoor Display

Trade shows are an outstanding way to advertise your product, share your service offerings, or network with others and prospective customers. You have an audience who is in the market for what you’re selling- now all you have to do is sell it to them. Having an appealing trade show booth makes all the difference when trying to appeal to consumers, it’s not difficult when you’re in a controlled environment, but what happens when you’re attending a trade show in an outdoor environment? Suddenly you have several different factors to consider; sun, rain, wind, and other climate elements can cause a trade show catastrophe if you aren’t prepared. Here are some tips to make sure you excel at your outdoor trade show.

Climate Control

It’s true, you can’t control the weather. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be smart and use it to your advantage. Consider these elements and some tips on how to combat them:

  • Sunny Days: Everyone hopes for the perfect sunny day for their trade show, but does anyone enjoy standing in the sun for hours at a time? If one isn’t provided for you, consider getting an overhead tent that will not just protect your outdoor display but also your trade booth visitors. The chance that they’ll linger a little longer increases and gives you a better chance to market your product to them. A day spent in the sun is also likely to cause dehydration, think about getting branded water bottles to hand out to patrons. Putting a logo banner around the water bottles is an easy way to increase your marketing potential, and generosity is always appreciated from your trade booth visitors. 
  • Rainy Days: While no one enjoys thinking about it, it’s important to plan ahead in case of bad weather. Rain and wind can take a great opportunity and ruin it if you aren’t careful. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I have waterproof materials, or a way to keep my materials dry? Are my display items waterproof and wind resistant? You should be focused on your visitors, not tracking down display items that got caught in a rush of wind. When setting up your trade show booth, be sure to set up loose articles with anchors if you are experiencing wind. For example, if you are displaying a vase, put decorative sand in the bottom as an anchor. If you have flyers or business cards that can get wet, think about making small plastic gift bags ahead of time with unique swag items and place a flyer in each bag. Not only will your visitors appreciate the gesture, but your marketing piece will stay intact.

Use Your Environment

Trade booth preparation is the key to having a successful event. Even having an emergency kit can go a long way. Learn as much as you can about your scheduled environment ahead of time. For example, are there sidewalks, trees, or power sources that you will have access to? By taking advantage of your surroundings, you can turn a potentially poor performance into a successful marketing day. If you have a sidewalk present, considering doing fun sidewalk art leading up to your outdoor display or a game of hopscotch. You could turn it into a game board and have consumers play games for prizes. If you have a source of power, consider doing fun colored lights and music to attract visitors. If the host location allows it, use trees to display banners or wrapped lighting.

Make It Fun

You want your trade booth visitors to enjoy being at your outdoor trade show display, so make it comfortable for them. Offer comfortable seating and snacks for your trade show patrons to enjoy. While they’re enjoying your booth, keep them talking about your product. Use games and incentives to keep them interested, and keep lots of advertising material on hand.

Using these tips can help turn your outdoor display into an interactive experience for your audience. By planning ahead, you will be sure to wow your visitors and become a crowd favorite for all. Please contact us for more ideas on outdoor trade show booth displays today.

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