Simple Ways to Accentuate Your Message with Trade Show Lighting

When you’re working on your trade show displays, it can be easy to overcomplicate it. After all, you want your concept to stand out and quickly convey the heart of what your company does. Trade show booth visitors are usually ‘on-the-go’ and their first pass may be quick – that’s your chance to draw them in. When it comes to trade show booth ideas, less can be more with simple tweaks to your trade show lighting. You can do a lot with display lights to draw the attention of prospective customers to your booth without overcomplicating the design. Here are some tips:

Trade Show Lighting
Trade Show Lighting

Tip 1: Use Lighting as Picture Frames

The most important parts of your trade show display include having your product or services displayed to catch the eye, and incorporating your key messaging throughout. Once you have that nailed, you’re halfway there. Your next step is to plan strategic lighting throughout your trade show display to accentuate your products and marketing materials. If there’s a particular section of your display you want to stand out, consider ‘framing’ it in display lights. Then, if your message changes at some point, you can always swap out the copy you’re using and use the same display lights to encircle the new messages.

You can also use lights to highlight your product itself, and draw someone’s eye directly toward it when they walk by. These are easy, inexpensive, reusable, and resourceful ways to draw attention to your booth. You can use LED tape, uplights, or even moving lights to serve as the picture frame for the areas you want to showcase.

Tip 2: Let the Light be Your Guide

Another creative way to use lighting in your trade show displays is to strategically place it to lead your visitors through the flow you’d like them to take. Think about using accent lights or Gobo lights to direct people to each area of your trade show booth. Moving lights are also helpful as they can clearly demonstrate the order in which potential customers check out sections of your booth.

Tip 3: Lights Can be Subtle Too

Keep in mind any areas of the booth that might be overlooked. You don’t have to be excessive with trade show lighting, but if there are any dark areas of your display that you’d like to make more visible, clamp-on display lights can be a great solution. They won’t detract from the main areas you’re wanting to highlight, but they’ll still help visitors be able to clearly view text or images in those darker areas.

Have any questions about how to use trade show lighting to spice up your trade show displays? Contact us any time to start creating your custom trade show display today.

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