Target Your Audience with High-Impact Trade Show Giveaways

Trade Shows

Building attractive trade show displays isn’t just about flashy graphics or engaging staff. To truly maximize your trade show marketing strategy, consider including some trade show giveaways for visitors to walk away with. These tactics are great for engaging with potential customers and leaving them with something to remember your company by, and when they are ready to purchase, be top of mind. Trade show marketing can also be a great tactic for startups to create brand awareness and get their name out there and to generate quality leads. Below, we’ll cover some of our favorite ideas for display marketing gifts that will generate great brand awareness.

Bottle Openers

Or as an alternative, any handy tool relevant to your target industry. What kind of gear would your targeted customer find useful? A bottle opener, for example, is a fantastic trade show gift for industries involving entertainment, drinks, or any occasion where suds might be on hand.

USB Chargers

Car chargers, for example, are a fantastic event marketing option for the constantly on-the-go customer. For frequent travelers, one can never have enough chargers, so you can count on this giveaway being put to use right away.

Pocket Flashlights

Great for craftsmen or outdoor-types, a pocket flashlight can be a lifesaver in a pinch, and fits perfectly in any glove box, keyring, or kit bag, making it a fantastic business gift.

First Aid Kits

Whether a medical professional or tradesperson, it is rare to find an occupation that couldn’t benefit from a first aid kit on-hand. Even better, these are a perfect candidate for large custom logos or contact information.

Business Card Magnet

Magnets are useful as they are cheap, and a solid trade show giveaway to help make sure your business card ends up somewhere visible, be it on an office desk or break room fridge.

Hand Sanitizer

How many trade shows have you been to where you wished you had some sanitizer on-hand? Especially during the cold season where there are likely to be many coughs and sneezes around, hand sanitizer is a terrific custom giveaway (and a great way to spare your visitor an unfortunate case of the flu).

While these are some of our favorite ideas for trade show exhibit marketing, the possibilities are endless for stocking your booth with memorable and useful handouts for visitors. Remember, by keeping giveaways relevant to your business potential customers will find use and value, and for you, it will generate brand awareness that has the potential to turn a booth visitor into a customer. If you’d like to learn more about trade show marketing or business giveaways, contact us today.

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