The Best Trade Show Booths Attract Visitors – With Activations!

Engage your trade show visitors with all five senses.Everyone wants to make sure they have the best trade show booths in their industry. But what are the trade show experts doing to attract visitors? Some of the very best trade show booths attract visitors with activations! What is a booth activation? It’s not a tool from Star Trek, but in a way it kind of is (but less complicated than beaming Scotty up). Booth activations are when you set yourself apart from the humdrum displays of your peers by engaging your audience through more than just a visual experience. It’s a way to create a sensory-rich and memorable experience that will last beyond the trip to your booth.

Why should I implement booth activation techniques?

Scientific studies have shown that people are more apt to retain memories if they have engaged more than one of their senses. People generally rely heavily on sight to judge just about everything we come in contact with, and quickly forget with our 8 second attention spans. When you are in the thick of a trade show event and you stroll past the first row of booths you may be hard pressed to remember the first one in the row! Get out of the rut of cookie-cutter booths by creating a unique experience for your audience. Showcase how unique, fun and engaging your brand can be and delight everyone you come in contact with.

What types of techniques should I use?

The types of techniques you could use are practically endless and can give your brand a chance to build a memorable experience.

  • Sight

Arguably the most obvious sense to engage is sight. Use bright colors, monitors, lights or anything else that attracts the eye. Get a little crazy; have a mascot do a little jig and create a new hashtag for people to share their selfies with the mascot on Instagram. Consider adding a green screen or photo booth if you have the space. Offer an incentive for your social media followers who create a “story” about your booth and their experience. There are also live share experiences available through apps like Facebook Live and Periscope.

  • Sound

We have all had a song (for better or worse) stuck in our heads. Music is known to create and enhance emotional experiences, and make them easier to recall. Add some pizzazz to your booth by playing some fun music or including a catchy tune in a video about your products and services.

  • Touch

Many people retain information longer and can recall that information when they are physically engaged. Create a hands-on experience with your product or service offering or offer a prize for a contest where attendees draw a new product they wish existed. Post a tablet with some interactive features or create a passport/bingo card game of trade show booth activities. What a great opportunity to get fun and creative!

  • Taste

Food has been used to bring families together for centuries, now it’s your turn to use it to bring people to your booth! Plus with the busy schedule and large amount of walking attendees will be doing they are often looking for a nice drink or snack, and one may be the perfect tool to bring people to your booth.

  • Smell

It’s never hard to find the fresh baked goods or lavender farm booth at a farmer’s market and even the mall has its own distinct smell. A majority of people can associate certain smells with emotions and memories. One easy example is the scent of cinnamon this time of year; it’s comforting and gets people in the happy fall spirit.

The trade show experience in modern era doesn’t just focus on how your business will end up making sales, but how engaging and memorable the experience was for the attendees.

Be sure to check with your trade show coordinator regarding the use of extra equipment, music, food, etc. Trade shows can be extremely beneficial to a business and should be considered in your marketing plans. If you’d like more information on how to have the best trade show booth, or tips on how to have a great show, all you have to do is contact us today!


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