Tips to Keep Your Brand on Point in Your Trade Show Booth Design

There are a lot of ways to make a trade show booth design that stands out and attracts attention, but if it isn’t in line with your company branding, it won’t get you the results you want. So when you hammer out your marketing strategy, especially when it comes to trade show display ideas, the alignment-to-branding of your exhibit design should be a top priority. Here are three key tips for brainstorming trade show booth ideas for your business.

Believe in trade shows
Believe in trade shows

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Your company branding should be top of mind when you first start thinking about a specific marketing strategy for a trade show and when deciding on messaging. If not, you stand to miss the mark and order materials that don’t help you accomplish your goals. To avoid this, start by discussing your company objectives and branding with your team before beginning the design process. This way, they’re fresh in everyone’s minds.


  • Review the trade show parameters and guidelines. Even if it’s a lot of fine print and details you think you’ve read a million times, you can never undo something you designed incorrectly once it’s printed or produced.
  • Make sure your entire trade show marketing plan (promotional material, online marketing, PR, website, social media, direct mail, e-newsletters, business cards) matches your branding, including colors, verbiage, the tone of voice, etc.

Plan a pre-show briefing with your team. Everyone should be aware of the top key messages to hit upon during conversations with prospects because the staff you have at the booth are also a representation of your brand.

Consistency is King

Most people think of branding consistency in terms of messaging and colors, and this is absolutely part of it. But there are also more nuanced aspects of consistency to keep in mind. For one, think about the vibe you project. Is it modern? Professional? Funny? Whatever your brand personality is should be reflected in everything in your exhibit design. For example, if your brand is very upscale,  make sure everything from the lights to the tablecloths looks top-notch.

When it comes to color, don’t rely on matching the hues in your logo. Use those colors, of course, but also choose complementary ones that enhance the overall feel of the whole booth. For instance, if your brand colors are sleek and simple (e.g. navy and grey), you’d want to go toward more burgundy or forest green accent colors rather than bright yellow for posters, furniture, and fabrics.

The Design is in the Details

We touched on this briefly above, but the little touches throughout your trade show booth design are what can really lock in your branding. One of these details is your digital brand. Make sure your online graphics align with the trade show graphics displayed at the show. You want people to recognize your brand online and easily find you in person at the show (and vice versa).

Other details to be intentional about are your team members’ uniforms. Your staff should be coordinated to match your brand, and the booth, so attendees don’t have to question who is manning the booth. After all, interested prospects may leave your space if they don’t quickly see who to talk to.

Even if your trade show booth design has been great in the past, you can always elevate the standard even more for the next show by focusing on brand alignment. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about custom trade show booth displays that will take your event to the next level.


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