Top Questions to Ask Trade Show Organizers

trade show organizers

Whether you’re planning your first, or your fiftieth, trade show, there’s no substitute for experience. You want to get the most out of the trade show, whether it’s leads or sales, and you’re budgeting time and resources wisely. One of the best sources of information, for the new or experienced trade show exhibitor, are those that organize that particular show. For every show there are those who are dedicated to hosting a successful show, the trade show organizers, and they’re the experts. Before your next trade show contact the trade show organizer with a few of these key questions.

Question 1: What are the trade show attendees expecting?

Asking what the trade show attendees will be expecting from the show can help you decide whether what you’re offering aligns with their needs or not. The organizer may be able to provide the number of people expected to attend the event, what type of people are coming, are they the decision makers, and some general demographic information about the expected attendees. Ask if you can see last year’s attendee list or get a head count from the show.

Question 2: What’s around the space where my booth will be located?

Many trade shows offer the opportunity for you to choose where your booth is placed. There are several advantages to this. For example, you may want to choose a specific location away from exits, or you may be more interested in placing your booth beside a specific type of business’ booth. Take the time to look over the open spaces and choose a space that will be a good fit for what you’re presenting at your trade show booth.

Question 3: What’s the cost?

When you’re preparing your trade show budget, include the cost of the exhibition space. Plan for the added cost of making the booth space attendee and staff-friendly with carpet, trash cans, stools, and wifi, to name a few. Make sure you’re asking questions like:

  •      Am I able to get a discount if I register early?
  •      What’s the anticipated return on my investment (ROI) for this show?
  •      What kinds of discounts do you offer exhibitors (workshops, shipping, etc.)?
  •      What marketing is being done to promote the show?

Question 4: How is the event being promoted?

A great trade show event should have several promotion methods that will help raise awareness about the event and bring in more visitors for your booth. The organizer will know what kind of promotions materials have been distributed, whether it’s by email to last year’s attendees, promotion on social media, radio advertisements, and more. While you may pay more for your spot at a well-promoted trade show, you’ll discover that it has the ability to reach a much wider customer base, too.

Question 5: What types of benefits are available to trade show exhibitors?

You’re renting trade show booth space, but what comes along with it? Is it simply an open space where you can set up your trade show display or is furniture included? Will you have access to data and lead trackers, and if so, what will the extra cost be? Can the wifi network handle the usage? What about electrical outlets or extension cords? Knowing what materials you will have available to you will help you decide exactly what you need to bring for the show.

Deciding which trade shows are right for your business can be a challenge, but it’s one that’s definitely worth the effort. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your trade show a success.


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