Top Trade Show Booth Ideas to Attract Visitors (That Your Competitors Aren’t Doing)

Trade show booth ideas to attract visitors

Trade show booth ideas to attract visitors

So, you want to get more visitors to your booth at an upcoming conference. But, you’ve tried endless trade show booth ideas in the past and have not seen much in the way of results. After all, there are only so many times you can provide comfort incentives like phone charging stations, standard giveaways, or product demonstrations – and expect prospects to come a-running.

Are there any other, more creative, trade show booth ideas to attract visitors? The answer is yes! Here are some we highly recommend giving a try.

1. Appeal to Their Taste Buds.

If you haven’t yet tried providing food to passers-by during a trade show, don’t discount the power of this easy way to get noticed. Not only are people often hungry when they have long days at conferences, but they also can be quickly influenced by their sense of smell. Bring in freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, soft pretzels, or an ice cream or popcorn machine – and you’re bound to have a host of new interested visitors making their way to you.

2. Put on a Scavenger Hunt.

This is one of the most fun trade show booth games to attract customers. Hand out the first clue to anyone who walks by, and invite them to play along. Hide the subsequent clues around the trade show hall if you can, or if not, use your booth to host the entire hunt. Make sure there’s a prize waiting at the end, and watch as visitors get caught up in the fun.

3. Give Away Tickets to a Party or Event Following the Show, Instead of Doing a Giveaway with Products or Swag.

Don’t get us wrong – we like products and swag as much as the next person. But they’re not enough anymore to get someone who is otherwise apathetic about your company to come pay you a visit. Instead, do a little research and find out if there’s a trendy game or event going on near the conference hall that night or the next night. Give away great tickets, and you’ll be sure to meet some new friendly faces who want a shot at winning them!

4. Host a Book Signing with a Thought Leader in the Industry.

This, of course, requires some connections and logistics, but if you have both – it’s a win/win! Hosting a thought leader at your booth shows attendees that your company is respected in the industry and worth talking with a sales representative for more information or even a product demonstration.

5. Take Social Media Strategies a Step Further and Put on a Live Video Instead of Only Utilizing the Trade Show Hashtag.

Video is definitely king online, especially in social media. Don’t just settle for a couple of tweets here and there, plan a mini-show you can present via Instagram or Facebook Live. It doesn’t have to be fancy; just introduce your team, conduct a product demonstration, or promote any giveaways you have. All this can make your booth look fun and entice people to stop by your booth. There are some of our best trade show booth ideas to attract visitors. We hope you like them and are able to try at least a couple of them out soon! Let us know what you think. And if you’re looking for top-of-the-line trade show booth manufacturers, give us a call.

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