Trade Show Marketing is the Missing Piece to Your Rebranding Strategy

Trade shows are an often untapped resource that can help you decide how to rebrand a company, and then launch the rebrand when it’s time. Here are seven reasons that rebranding is a part of trade show success strategies.

Rebranding Strategy
Rebranding Strategy

1. Get in Front of Your Audience and Get Immediate Feedback.

So you’re thinking of switching markets and going upstream to target SMBs when you only previously targeted only small businesses. Before you fully make the change, do some research. Go to a trade show with an audience full of individuals from this market, and ask booth visitors for direct feedback. Collect their insights into your product, and into your role in their market. This is often eye-opening, and either can help you stay in your current lane or provide renewed excitement about switching markets.

2. Introduce Your New Design Materials.

Rebranding a business can be a lot of fun because you get to essentially reinvent your company. It’s like hitting the refresh button! Once your rebrand is nearly complete, you’ll overhaul your logo, tagline, sales brochures, trade show booth design, and event materials. This means your next trade show, will be the perfect opportunity to unveil the new design work and get instant feedback about how it’s received.

3. Grow Contacts and Leads.

As with any trade show, gathering new contacts and leads is a primary motivation for exhibiting. But if you’re branching out into a new industry or market, access to these individuals is actually crucial to your early success and momentum. By including trade shows in your rebranding strategy, you’ll end up with a natural springboard for gathering contacts and leads that you’ll need to nurture.

4. Get Traffic to Your Site.

If you’ve recently gone through a rebrand, your website should be updated to reflect new messaging and brand standards. In order to educate current customers, and future prospects about the direction your company is heading, it’s beneficial to get them to visit your site early in the sales process.

5. Make Connections with Key Players in Your Industry.

Not only can changing your products/services or retargeting your personas in a rebrand cause you to make design and messaging changes, but it also requires that you consider your relationships. Just as you did with your initial brand and mission, you’ll now need to identify, form, and grow key relationships with influential people in your new industry. Trade shows are a prime place to meet and make connections with an array of possible vendors, partners, industry experts and more.

6. Make Rebrand Public to Industry Peers.

Your rebrand won’t do you any good if it’s kept hidden in the dark. Once you’ve nailed down all the ins and outs of your rebranding strategy, it’s time to let the world know. A trade show is a perfect opportunity to let potential buyers, partners, vendors, and even competitors, get a look at the new face and mission of your business.

7. Put into Action Your New Sales Plan.

Finally, trade shows provide your sales team the chance to practice your new sales pitch over and over again, to hundreds of attendees. By using your new messaging and sales brochures, your salespeople will find out quickly what works – and doesn’t work – with potential buyers. This will help them refine and improve their sales techniques in a major way.

When it comes to your rebranding strategy, trade shows should absolutely play a role. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you design or enhance your booth for your brand.

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