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DMA’s Table Top Display (click to see other table top displays)

A year ago, Eric Hanshew with DMA stopped into our showroom to inquire about displays. After meeting with Brian, one of our display consultants, he decided that purchasing two tabletop displays would be the best fit for his company’s needs. In order to fulfill DMA’s needs, Exhibit Experts created identical double-sided displays to be used in different regions of the country. We also created multiple placards that could be interchanged based on the specific show or vertical market. These tabletop displays quickly became important tools in other areas of DMA’s business. Table top displays are an extremely cost effective and versatile marketing tool for anyone’s business. There are several ways to utilize them other than at a tradeshow. Here are some creative ways to use a trade show display even when your company is not attending a trade show or expo:

  • Put your table top in the board room during training or interviewing – this shows potential employees what your business does and gives a very professional feel.
  • Put your tabletop display in your lobby when potential clients are visiting. This eye catching display is sure to impress your clients.
  • Send your tabletop display out on a sales call. They are so lightweight you can send any sales person out with one and have it set up in no time.
  • If you are hosting a special event or a charity function, you can easily have multiple interchangeable messages for different events at different locations. Your company information can also be easily displayed on graphics, placards, and tablecloths.

Accessories that can also be added to your exhibit include workstations, shelves, iPad options, lights, pegboards, monitors, etc. Tradeshow displays are really just special purpose marketing tools that have been tailored to meet the specific demands for portability by companies going to trade shows. But don’t overlook their basic function – as messaging and communication devices for your business. Use them in everyday marketing and get more bang for your trade show buck.

DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc. (DMA) has earned a solid reputation as one of North America’s leading state and local tax-consulting firms for Fortune 1,000 clients. Helping clients with Property Tax, Sales/Use Tax, State Income Tax, and Tax Technology. Beginning in 1972 as a regional real estate consulting firm, DMA has grown by nurturing and promoting their talent, by expanding the scope of the services they offer, and by acquiring firms whose strengths complement their own.

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